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[BW picture of two storey building]

87k JPEG Courtesy Westhoughton Library

The oldest part of this building dates back to 1483, additions were made in 1591 and 1648. Samuel Crompton invented his Spinning Mule in this building, and in memory of that Lever bought this building and opened it as a textile museum on July 23rd 1902.

The museum is open for private visits by arrangement, and on cerain special days, the details are at www.boltonmuseums.org.uk.

Hall'Ith'Wood lies just off Crompton Way.


29k GIF 137k JPEG Hall 'Ith Wood April 1999

It was in the roofspace of the building where Samuel carried out his work in secret.

[wooden spinning frame]

26k GIF 132k JPEG Crompton's Mule April 1999

This is not the original, but a working model of the spinning mule he invented.

[table in a kitchen]

28k GIF 107k JPEG Kitchen April 1999

The ground floor kitchen and the corner leads to the buttery.

[four poster bed]

25k GIF 99k JPEG Bedroom April 1999

On the second floor this is typical of the bedrooms of Samuel's time.


37k GIF 444k JPEG Memorial leaflet April 1999

This original leaflet details the events of the unveiling of his memorial statue in Nelson Square. The JPEG is very large, but readable.

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