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Moss Bank Park

Moss Bank Park is home to Animal World. The Butterfly House was moved here from Queen's Park. Butterflies fly free in a tropical environment, while in Animal World, a unique living environment has been created for many animals, from farmyard to tropical birds. You can call the park for further details on +44 (0)1204 334050. Admission is free. The tower in the aviary was originally built as an astronomical observatory by John Horrocks Ainsworth (d. 1864), the Ainsworth family used to live here. Also here is the Walled Garden.

Radio One's Sara Cox appeared at Moss Bank Park on 30th July 2000. A park and ride scheme was being operated from Middlebrook.


110k JPEG April 1996

Just off the A58 ringroad, Moss Bank Way, is this park, very popular on Sundays with a children's playground.

[Miniature railway]

79k JPEG April 1996

A model steam engine runs on a small track in the park, taking visitors on a small circular trip.

[Picture of a rockery]

105k JPEG c. 1925 Courtesy Westhoughton Library

This was taken for the Bolton Book in the 1920's.

[tree and

29k GIF 153k JPEG Rock Garden April 1999

The tree in the centre is the George V memorial tree, planted during his reign as King.

[trees and flowers]

31k GIF 191k JPEG Moss Bank Park gardens June 1999

The gardens are very tranquil.

[stone surround]

30k GIF 145k JPEG Moss Bank Spring August 2000

Under this stone there is a spring, one of a number in the area forming from the moors.

[entrance to garden]

34k GIF 188k JPEG Moss Bank Park walled garden May 1998

This is the gateway into the walled garden.

[duck pond]

33k GIF 154k JPEG Animal World duck pond April 1999

In the centre of this picture note you can see the chimney from Barrow Bridge


28k GIF 148k JPEG Peacock showing off April 1999

Peacocks roam freely around the park, and this put on a fine display.

[tropical house
and bridge]

32k GIF 126k JPEG Butterfly house April 1999

This is inside the tropical environment of the butterfly house. Inside you can see pupae and butterflies, also some spiders and fish. The butterflies fly freely in the tropical environment.


18k GIF 52k JPEG Resident of butterfly world April 1999

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