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Little Lever

[Looking down Little Lever street]

60k JPEG March 1996

This was once a tiny manor, apparently mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086 [I have been unable to find any reference]. Today, Little Lever is mainly a residential area, but was once also a mining area, the earliest record pit in 1370. In this picture, the shopping centre is on the left, with shops also lining the road on the right. Just right of centre is the tower of the church, St. Matthew's.

When the plague was sweeping England, a third of the population of Little Lever was wiped out in 1623.

North west of here is Breightmet, west is Darcy Lever and Moses Gate.

[painted crest]

15k GIF 65k JPEG Little Lever crest in shopping centre January 2001

This is on the wall facing the main street, Market Street and High St.

[shopping area]

20k GIF 89k JPEG Little Lever shopping area January 2001

Alternate view.

[red brick building and road]

18k GIF 70k JPEG Little Lever Library and mini market January 2001

This is at the western end and the border with Radcliffe. The mini market contains a number of stalls open daily.

[road and pub and shops]

19k GIF 86k JPEG Little Lever Market St view west January 2001

Facing the main centre.

[road and pub]

24k GIF 110k JPEG Church Inn Little Lever January 2001

With the church tower behind it.

[St Matthew's church]

110k JPEG of St. Matthew's Church March 1996

North west of here is Breightmet, west is Darcy Lever and Moses Gate. [shop inside of liquor store/off licence]

32k GIF 157k JPEG Little Lever off licence internal January 2001

The owner kindly allowed me to photograph inside this off license (liquor store) just in the main shopping centre.

[school building]

20k GIF 76k JPEG Little Lever School Specialist Language College January 2001

This is on the road up from Moses Gate.

The sports and leisure centre phone number is 01204 708250.

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